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Our Work

Here are the projects we have running, please contact us if you have any questions or wish to attend.


Public health project on social isolation

Here at Asian Association we care about you, feeling isolated can have a huge impact on your day-to-day lifestyle. We are a place where you can come and talk, even if it has to be via a phone call. We hold events throughout the month that you are always welcome to.

Luncheon Club

Our Luncheon Club is held every other Thursday, on these days we do everything from crafting, walking, memory games, health workshops, yoga, wellbeing workshops and much more!

Luncheon Club
Man in wheelchair

BME Sitting

Our BME Sitters have been handpicked from the BME community for the BME community, the service is to support carers by sitting with the cared for person in their own home, making sure they are comfortable and safe. Our aim is to also provide the carer with an opportunity for respite within or outside the home and to ensure that the carers always have listening ear available to them.

The Elm Foundation
drop in sessions

Domestic abuse drop-in sessions. 

We have sessions where you can call in for a safe space, this is for everyone who has survived domestic violence, currently dealing with domestic violence or maybe have a family member/loved one suffering. 


Language Classes

Our Language classes are currently not available during the holidays due to our teachers having their half term, however we will update here when they are available again.


Bilingual Buddy Project

Learning a new language can be difficult, our Bilingual Buddy Project allows you to have the support of learning a new language, we can attend appointments, make phone calls and everything else required for you to communicate in the language required.

B B.png

Bhangra Dance Classes

Our dance classes are great for learning a new skill, meeting new people and having the best of times! All ages and skill levels are welcome. 


Film club

On the last Friday of every month we have our film club. We all decide what to watch and have a little social gathering before and after. You can stay for the whole film or just pop in. A great time to come and relax and just unwind after a busy month. 

Film Reel


The world goes by so quickly and we barely get time to relax. Our yoga classes allow just that. A chance to unwind and get back in tune with your mind, body and soul. 

Image by Dylan Gillis

Bharatanatyam Dance Classes

Our dance classes are great for learning a new skill, meeting new people and having the best of times! All ages and skill levels are welcome. 


Violin Club

We are currently in search of a new Violin Teacher for this to class to be able to resume but it's been very popular over the years so keep an eye out for any news and updates!

Image by Providence Doucet

School Assembly

Over the years we have attended  a fair amount of Assembly's, this is something we love doing and the feedback of these are amazing. We can come in for classes or assembly's and teach about cultural history, celebrations and inclusion.

We also have all of our Safeguarding Children and Child protection.


Befriending service

We offer companionship and support for you or the person you care for. We provide support for lonely, or emotionally distressed people. Befrienders will usually visit for an hour or so per week.

Comforting Hands
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